duminică, 19 iulie 2009

Orice lucru moare,dispare,se dezintegreaza si reapare...asa ca asta voi face si eu...voi muri putin si imi voi lasa ideile si gandurile sa umble libere prin minte fara a le afisa pe undeva...

2 comentarii:

  1. Have a nice funeral, dude :-h

    You should seek psychological advice, and you better get a good one. I had one and it sucked... don't do the same shit I did... get the best damn psychologist you can find and I think you'll be better in no time...

  2. if you ask me...i would impale them,they don't give a fuck about my mind,they just want to hear you say "have a nice day and oh these are the money for this session"...a little music and a good walk are godsend!